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For understanding data freshness, a last seen date is applied to all records.
With well over one hundred billion records indexed and available in realtime, many businesses regard Open Source Context’s passive DNS library as the gold standard amongst data providers. Our Passive DNS data collection already comprises several years of history and changes are kept in perpetuity.
As a result of Open Source Context’s industry partnerships and advanced technology stack, we process millions of DNS records per second from a plurality of partners around the world. This allows us to deliver the most diverse and the most timely updates for clients. In fact, our clients tell us we’re usually the fastest source, and sometimes the only source for data meaningful to their network security and anti-fraud investigations.
As with all our data types and sources, our index is constantly kept fresh and clients utilize a simple RESTful API for integration into their own applications. A number of transforms for popular analysis applications as well as sample code in several programming languages are also available upon request.

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